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Our Work

Our work centers how we individually and collectively define, think and live peace, safety and security.  We are rethinking and reshaping women's peace & security (WPS) for black, brown and indigenous girls and women through the lens of spirituality/faith, health/holistic wellness, environment and education.  By bridging the experiences and stories of girls and women in the SE/SW United States and global to policy, programs, curriculum and advocacy.

We use pop culture,  personal narratives, programs, curriculum, advocacy and activism to connect, people, policy and change.  We believe the transcending across practices, disciplines and geo-political spaces and resolutions creates an influential and powerful ecosystem.  An ecosystem rooted in values promoting peace, security, equity, inclusion, belonging and civic appreciation



sixteen stories

Sixteen Stories is a testament of the power of intergenerational and intercultural feminists’ voice, narrative, advocacy, activism.  Building a collaborative community to share their stories of activism in their own words, medium and theme promoting peace, safety, security.  A community centering activism and change.

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Her Place: Her Space

In partnership with the City of Fort Worth Parks & Recreation and Fort Worth @ 6 initiative to create and deliver programming for youth and teen girls.  Providing a peaceful, safe and secure space for girls and young women. 


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IDG: Life Free From Violence

S.H.E. Collective is celebrating and  amplifying voices across Texas and North Carolina.  On Day 4, October 4th we are creating and hosting spaces that center on GIRLS LIVES' FREE OF VIOLENCE.  We want to amplify the voices of girls from the Southern U.S. specifically NC & TX.


We invite girl leaders to contribute and design what this looks like for you personally, locally, nationally and globally.  We invite you to share your thoughts.

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p.a.r.k.s. tennessee/Texas (tn/tx)

Building a coalition of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ leaders and community organizers across TN in green and blue spaces. Advocating for Peace, Acceptance, Recreate, Kinship, Safety and Security. Connecting people, parks and policy. Collaborative partners also include T.O. Fuller Park Rangers, Sierra Club, Tennessee Women in Green and Protect Our Aquifer.

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