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Our Work

Our work is at the intersection of multiple disciplines-  spirituality/faith, health/wellness, education, environment, policy and workplace.  Rethinking, reshaping women's peace & security (WPS) for BIPOC girls and women through the lens of spirituality, health, environment and education.  We use pop culture,  personal narratives to connect people and policy.  All of which we believe creates an influential and powerful ecosystem if integrated and connected effectively. 


An ecosystem rooted in values promoting peace, security, equity, inclusion, belonging and civic appreciation


We use pop culture, collage, advocacy, personal stories and experiences to connect people and policy. 



sixteen stories

Creating an intergenerational and intercultural platform for feminists to share their stories of activism in their own words promoting peace, safety, security, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Amplifying the transcending of international policies and regulations to regional, national, local and personal impact.

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p.a.r.k.s. tennessee/Texas (tn/tx)

Building a coalition of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ leaders and community organizers across TN in green and blue spaces. Advocating for Peace, Acceptance, Recreate, Kinship, Safety and Security. Connecting people, parks and policy. Collaborative partners also include T.O. Fuller Park Rangers, Sierra Club, Tennessee Women in Green and Protect Our Aquifer.

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Creating and leading programs and trainings across the U.S. and globally addressing threats to Democracy rooted in social injustices-food, racial, climate / environmental, gender, education, and faith based justice.  Bridging borders, urban, rural, remote and coastal communities.



Concierge 1:1 program development and implementation to support women from diverse backgrounds, ideologies, locations and experiences on their political journey.  Increasing gender parity across the political spectrum across the U.S.  Engaging women who are passionate about issues and policies related to voting rights,  GBV, Climate Change, Education, Gun Laws, and Racial Injustice.

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