our story

In 2015 Shenée Simon was living in “Military City USA” raising two sons and awaiting the arrival of her first daughter as her husband prepared for deployment to Afghanistan.  As she navigated her own peace and security as it related to her personal growth, employment and development of herself and  family.  She began to deeply consider the meaning of peace, safety and security.  The work from the Younger’s Women’s Task Force served as a blueprint.

In 2019 S.H.E. Collective, Inc. was formalized after many years of refining best practices, education and community organizing.  S.H.E. Collective, Inc. is a niche organization to shift and challenge how we regard and name peace, safety and security for girls and women.  Connecting global United Nations resolutions and sustainable development goals (SDG) to domestic, regional, national, local programs, policies, and practices impacting the personal.  Our work is at the intersection of multiple disciplines-  spirituality, healthcare, education, environment and workplace.  All of which we believe creates an influential and powerful ecosystem if integrated and connected effectively.  An ecosystem rooted in values promoting peace, security, equity, inclusion, belonging and civic appreciation.

Meet the Team

meet shenée simon

Shenée Simon is the Principal Consultant, dedicated to equitable and inclusive practices.  In 2017 Shenée decided to strike out on her own after 18 years of contributing to teams and volunteering as a board member both nationally and locally in the nonprofit sector. Her goal from the start was and remains equity and inclusion for all people. 

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